NCTUns 6.0  Network Simulator and Emulator Download

The latest NCTUns 6.0 currently runs ONLY on the Red-Hat Fedora 12 Linux operating system!

The Linux distribution that works with the latest NCTUns 6.0 and has been fully tested is Red Hat's Fedora 12. Other Linux distributions such as Ubuntu may work with NCTUns because they use the same Linux kernel as Fedora. However, configurations and settings on these distributions may be different from those on Fedora. It is the user's responsibility to adjust configurations and settings if he (she) would like to install the latest NCTUns 6.0 on a different Linux distribution than Fedora 12. Because NSL has not tested the latest NCTUns 6.0 on other Linux distributions, it is not guaranteed that the latest NCTUns 6.0 can work correctly on Linux distributions other than Fedora 12.

Previous NCTUns versions that run on Fedora 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, etc. can be found in the next web page. On the Internet, some NCTUns users have ported NCTUns to other Linux distributions successfully and shown people how to do it on their web sites.